Lightning Boy Audio Thunder Knob

Introducing The Thunder Knob by Lightning Boy Audio

August 2017 Press Release

The warm overdrive of a boutique tube amp at the early stages of breakup is but the stomp of a pedal away with the latest creation from Lightning Boy Audio – The Thunder Knob.

Designed for the people as a result of their comments, suggestions, and recommendations, The Thunder Knob picks up where the Lightning Boy II pedal left off.

The Thunder Knob gives you the big headroom you can only get from vacuum tubes running at high voltage, while doing it in a safe and easy to incorporate way. It works great for pushing tube amps into distortion or giving solid-state amps more of a tube-like sound.

YouTube video

The pedal gets its power from any standard 9v DC power supply with at least 350mA of current – center negative. This is boosted internally to 190 volts with Lightning Boy’s proprietary low noise DC-DC voltage booster to power a 12AX7 vacuum tube. There is circuit protection built into the pedal in case of fault.

The Thunder Knob stays true to its Lightning Boy lineage with a large volume knob that has been carefully calibrated to provide a tight sound across its entire range. A new feature in this design is the “Thunder” switch.

This switch in the normal position (down) provides a low amount of distortion with mellow highs. With thunder engaged (up), the distortion increases, as does the volume and treble. The LBA logo also becomes illuminated to visually indicate you are in thunder mode.

As with all Lightning Boy Audio creations, this pedal features an all-tube, point-to- point wired audio path, just like a vintage amplifier. It carries Lightning Boy’s 5- year warranty and sells direct from for just $189 USD.