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Slate Raven MTi Review

Slate Raven MTi Review

Our good friends over at Slate Media Technology recently sent us a Raven MTi to check out. I’d been hybrid mixing for quite some time and transitioning to mixing in the box exclusively and the Raven seemed like...
Chassis Grounding

Grounding and Shielding Audio Devices

Many shield-wiring practices exist in the audio industry today. The majority of available literature on the subject prescribes clear solutions to any wiring problem, yet problems still run rampant due to incons...
MXL CR89 Review

MXL CR89 Microphone Review

Admittedly, the MXL CR89 is the first MXL microphone I’ve ever brought into the studio. For several years I’ve had a few MXL microphones in my live kit and found them to be quite serviceable on the stage. This ...
Royer R-101 Ribbon Microphones

Building a Mic Locker on a Budget – Part 3

Editor’s Note: In our 3rd and final installment of this ongoing series on building a budget mic locker, Jae covers ribbon microphones and then brings it all together into building a mic locker with a huge bang ...